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Cure for Herpes

At this time there is no known cure for herpes. Known as Genital or Oral Herpes (Herpes I or Herpes II) outbreaks are painful and a disruption to your lifestyle.

ChoRaphoR is the closest thing to a cure for herpes that has been found. ChoRaphoR is a topically applied skin solution that is effective against the herpes virus. ChoRaphoR ™ offers you confidence in controlling your outbreaks and in some cases users have reported that they have not had any further outbreaks after using ChoRaphoR ™ . At the very least it enables you to enjoy life without the constant annoyance and discomfort of cold sore and herpes breakouts.


ChoRaphoR ™ Herpes Treatment is a breakthrough herpes remedy treatment scientifically proven to eliminate herpes, genital herpes and cold sore outbreaks naturally and effectively without the irritating and harmful side effects found in many herpes remedies, which may not give you a ‘ cure for herpes ’ but it sure feels like it!

ChoRaphoR ™ kills the herpes virus on contact. Your herpes outbreak begins to heal immediately with only one application and no need for a Doctor ’ s prescription.


ChoRaPhoR Labs ’ Herpes Treatment could be your symptom cure for herpes. With a 95% success rate against herpes outbreaks, ChoRaphoR really works!. Try us first, Our 180 day guarantee assures your success or your money back. Click on the order now button to get the quickest relief from the herpes virus.

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